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We often come up with ideas that initially fill us with excitement, but later become clouded by insecurities, life situations, or lack of knowledge. Whether it's due to ego or distractions, many of us find ourselves stifled when trying to get to the next level. As a creative, I'm familiar with the struggle of having a million ideas simultaneously. A million ideas that compete for your energy and excitement. A million ideas that appear to be THAT bright idea. So for sanity's sake, I've learned how to harness my energy on specific ideas that are "right" for specific moments in my life, all while getting shit done in multiple life domains. Given the opportunity, I can help you gain clarity on your goals and will provide personalized accountability. With the utilization of therapeutic skills, a strengths based perspective, and tested productivity methods, you'll make tangible steps to Get Shit Done.

Shit I got done -- Earned my Bachelors & Masters Degrees in Social Work, maintained multiple jobs simultaneously, had leading roles in theatrical performances, became an adjunct professor, wrote/edited/published my first book in 1 year (start to finish)... all before the age of 30 while also raising my son AND dealing with the day-to-day life "shit". Whew! 

Now, none of that was easy, and I definitely had help along the way. Many mistakes were made, and the ball was dropped a time or two (or three). But at the end of the day, I got it done. And that feeling of accomplishment feels unapologetically good! So, I'd love to assist you in achieving that same feeling. Are you ready? Good (clearly I'm assuming the answer is yes). Check out the following programs and schedule your FREE consultation today. 

Get Shit Done Fast -- Clients start with a strategy session to harness focus on tangible goals and move on to 1 month of weekly Accountability calls. This is perfect for you if you are ready to fast track results on a short term project or if you need a quick kick to jumpstart a long term goal. Some examples include: start your business, submit a proposal, design a program, complete your website, initiate a self-care regimen. You will bring the expertise and I'll bring my results driven focus and methods for getting shit done. 

Get Big Shit Done -- Again, clients start with a strategy session to harness focus on tangible goals and will move on to 3 months of weekly Accountability calls. In addition you also have unlimited email support and a conceptualization review to help bring those creative ideas to life. This 3 month package is for the Big Hairy Goal at the top of the to do list. Some examples include: writing the book you've been putting off, creating that program you talked about, or following through with your self-care regimen and needed lifestyle changes.  

Get Shit Done Class --  This 4 week workshop series will help you attack that creative block that's hindering your potential. Each week you will take a hard look at what's stopping you from manifesting. Some workshops include combatting ego, identifying what's blocking you, and intention setting. *Classes are offered in person and online. Submit contact inquiry for upcoming class schedule.